The revival ark has landed on the shores of Africa with Nigeria at a strategic front. God in His infinite mercies has chosen our dear nation, Nigeria to sponsor this end time move in a very strategic way. It is now evident in the numerous revival fronts He has launched through our dear nation – from our gospel singers to our Word-based ministers, pastors, apostles combing the ends of the earth with the message of the Kingdom with signs and wonders following. Nigeria is taking the gospel with raw power to many African nations and to the ends of the earth.


However, the bible says “we shall be witnesses“. Of what use are witnesses whose profession have little validations to the claims that they make. What I mean is while we have seen God invade the mountain of religion (actually the church) with infallible proofs and validations, signs and wonders, our political climate has suffered major setbacks that has held the same blessed nation under the curse of evil leadership and large scale corruption in the corridors of power – which I believe translate into all the economic woes citizens of this great nation have suffered over time. This has been guise of the devil to discredit our message.

When England sponsored the Anglican revival, she prospered. When the United States sponsored the healing and faith-based revivals, she prospered. It is only proper that in a season like this, Nigeria would have her own share of national prosperity – for righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any people. Yet there have been terrorists activities to kidnappings, religious extra-judicial killings and large scale corruption. In the words of Dr John Maxwell, everything rises and falls on leadership – it’s the reason why WiseWatchers will have to take back the mountain of Politics/Government for God’s glory.

In the light of this, WiseWatchers Online Community of inter-denominational and/or non-denomination Christians and burden bearers are relaunching the Project Isaiah 2:2 (first launched 5 years ago) as we take back the Mountains of Government for Christ in this season. “For out of Zion shall go forth the law”. Our aim this season is to stand in the gap till we birth righteousness in the corridors of power this coming February elections. Yes it is spiritual, but if Watchmen do nothing, the enemy will strike, steal votes again and re-elect evil up way till Aso rock. We say no to this.

Nigeria is close to getting it right  in her political sphere – for the first time in a long while and we can see the agitations of the enemy against this. We CANNOT allow this to slide. The gates of hell shall NOT prevail against the church.

We as WiseWatchers shall stand in the gap, rebuild broken walls in the realms of the spirit and continuously decree over the land and see God disappoint ALL the devices of the crafty concerning the upcoming 2023 elections. This is a call to contend for the destiny of this great nation, to the end that God’s end time revival fire emanating from the shores of our great nation shall gain credence before the nations of the world!

Kindly click the link below to join this movement. All it takes is a heart to pray and not watch evil thrive on our land. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. What’s more, when WiseWatchers who understand times and seasons pray, God puts their brethren under their command. Please be enlisted in this great army. Your part is very much needed in the Kingdom and for the destiny of our dear nation.

Big God bless you. Amen.

Click this link to join the prayer movement – Project Isaiah 2:2