Our Vision

Our Vision is to raise a global army of believers from all works of life, purposely advancing God’s kingdom within their niche.

Our mission is to awaken the Church through sound teachings, prayers and mentorship, to an understanding of the times, a discovery of their slots in it and a purposeful living to fulfill that slot, bearing their light to every dark corner of the world in God’s last days revival.


1. Understanding the times: There is a call upon the church like was made upon Peter, James and John on that most significant night when Jesus said “could ye not watch with me one hour?” (Matthew 26:40).

However just like Peter, James and John, we can’t help but fall asleep unless we knew and understood the significance of the times and seasons. That is why the first call is to awaken in us – the church, an understanding of the significance of our time and season in God’s global time scale.

2. Discovering our individual slot in God’s agenda: Every believer, by reason of predestination, has a purposeful slot, a role to play in God’s agenda. Christ said, “Lo, I come, in the volume of the book, it is written (predestined) of me to do thy will.” It takes revelation to discover what is written of us, to be empowered for this our individual slot and purpose on earth.

3. Fulfilling our role: In fulfilling our revealed role in God’s kingdom agenda, the church shall shine forth in glory, bringing light and solution into a world blindfolded with ‘the’ darkness and the kings of the earth shall flood into the dawning of our light (Isaiah 60:3).

4. The Glory and the Harvest: In this, shall the glory of the church be made manifest, for global stars shall arise out of the church bringing illumination into the different spheres of human endeavors. However, this shall be a means towards God’s end time revival, For the gospel shall be preached to all nations but the church leaders shall no longer be alone in this – for the gospel shall equally be preached through science, through the movie industry, through the media, indeed through ambassadors of Christ strategically positioned in different works of life, using their career as tools in God’s hand to herald and save the lost.

From our core objectives outlined above, it is therefore imperative that every believer aligns himself to be a useful vessel. It is not a time to think that the power of the Holy Spirit is for the church pastors alone because every serious believer in this era has a ministry assignment to pursue. However, it is via Revelation of the Word and the driving/quickening force of the Holy Spirit that we can discover and fulfill our role in it. Then shall we be likened to the wise watchers of Daniel 12:3, “for they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness, as the stars forever.”

God is now in the business of recruiting this end time army of global stars and it is the mission of WiseWatchers Online Community to connect together, this new recruits worldwide and awaken in us an understanding of this. Watchmen void of understanding will only sleep when watching is most imperative.

Membership qualification is simple – You are born again and you want to live a life of purpose!

If that is true, you are welcome on this life transforming journey. God bless you.

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