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I heartily welcome you to the WiseWatchers website. It has always been my dream to help people not just exist but make significant meaning out of their lives. Everywhere and every place I’ve found myself, my greatest sense of fulfilment has always come from adding value to people’s lives; and the greatest value that can be added to a life is giving its owner a dream and a purpose to live. However, I believe that there is no greater cause to live for than to fulfil just that intention the Creator had in mind when He created us – that’s true worship! Man was created and hence programmed by his Creator to find no greater fulfilment in life outside this. It is because of this that many have achieved feats and yet died unfulfiled. There is no true success without fulfilment; and if fulfilment is tied to the Creator’s intention, then there is no true success outside the Creators intention.

The Creator’s intention for our individual lives is neatly wrapped up in His global agenda for the time and season He puts us in. Little wonder, every vision He gives a man is for an appointed time and season.

This website, especially aimed at believers for this appointed time, is born with a vision to see the church (i.e. we, believers) understand God’s global agenda and discover our slot in this His big picture. Since I came to an understanding of life’s purpose in relation to God’s big picture, life has been so different and truly worth living. It’s the biggest paradigm shift one could ever experience; and my prayer for you is that within the words, the paragraphs, the teachings, the articles, the write ups, the discussion forums and meetings on this site, you will come to experience that same paradigm shift in a very tremendous way that will make the rest of your stay here on earth more worth a-living than it has ever been.

Beyond just having a paradigm shift, this is equally a campaign awakening us – the church, to rise up to this responsibility of not only understanding the times and discovering our slot in it but most importantly, positioning ourselves to be used by God – fitting into these individual slots and in so doing, birthing God’s big picture. In the words of Albert Einstein, “God never plays dice”. Everyone has a slot. You were not a guess work. He doesn’t create dormant life. God once told me, “I don’t create dormant life. The breath of life that I give to any man is so expensive that I give it to only those I create with a specific purpose in mind”. This site is dedicated to helping you live out that specific purpose and give you the success that comes with the greatest sense of fulfilment man can ever know. A life of worship – Living out The Creator’s intention for you

To be a part of this move, you can instantly register for free to become a member of this site and be automatically drafted into our online community of WiseWatchers. You will have full access to the site with every opportunity to meet and interact with any member including me, at the online forum. It is most importantly a platform for the Christian community of watchmen to lend her voice to issues worth watching out on. There is room to also register for our free newsletters/magazines delivered directly to your mail box. As you make this site a regular stop point and open up to the gentle Holy Spirit of Revelation, may this sweet Personality encounter you like never before, revealing your path and empowering you to run that path; for on this path, you have been predestined unto glory (Romans 8:30). Join me on this path.


Nonso Aniamaka,

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