A Call to Stand upon Our Watch (Hab 2:1)

It was my first time ever giving an ear to this weird-looking man but listening with a discerning ear, I honestly and sincerely could not disagree in my spirit with any single thing he has said in the short video clip.

I know, I am not necessarily an ordained prophet but there are things I am privileged to know in my spirit, and I would usually come across biblical revelations and confirmations from scriptures. Also, many revered servants of God that I honour in my heart – one way or the other would suddenly start to share the same revelation or say something that confirms what God showed me. And scripturally this is how the Holy Spirit speaks to His church with many witnesses.

You know, the Spirit of God is not an author of confusion. You know the scripture in Romans 8:16 that says “The Spirit Himself beareth witness with our spirits that we are …” – that is what I felt listening to what this man had to say in his clip a month ago. I had a witness in my spirit, he was just confirming the mind of God as I know it deep down in my spirit.

I don’t know him that well, I may not endorse whatever he does, but on this one, he was sure accurate in what he has said. It’s not about predicting results but understanding the implications of our decisions on the destiny of our nations. Nations have destinies and whoever sits at the helm of affairs of any nation is very significant to the destiny of that nation. I have heard Pastor Benny Hinn say exact same things some months ago that this man said, I know Bro Kenneth Copeland is saying the same things to his congregation right now and so are several believers who have an ear for what the Spirit of the LORD is saying.

You know, I cringe at the fact that the majority of us who profess the name of Christ somehow, are out of sync with God’s will and agenda for humanity. Whether this is born out of pride of not wanting to accept someone else’s revelation or it’s just mere immaturity in spiritual things but this specifically is the plan of the enemy. It’s obvious we however are more encumbered with meeting our daily needs to the extent that we pay no attention to seeking to understand God’s own will for His church and most especially for the world at large – and also seeking His face to discern what some people on the public or global stage represent and what they stand for in God’s prophetic calendar.

While people without faith and a relationship with the living God may be excused in God’s sight, however, it is inexcusable when believers who fellowship with the Spirit of God cannot listen for God’s will on the planet earth. You might ask, how can one have a relationship with the Spirit of God and yet not know the will of God? But I tell you what, I have seen it happen over and again to true believers. This happens because it is very possible for us to be yielded to the voice of the Spirit on certain matters and yet out of bias, not be yielded to His voice on some other matters of concern. Our bias can be so loud that it shields us from even hearing what He has to say on that matter.

Amidst all the drama happening in the world today mixed with a lot of “prophecies” from different people concerning all the events of the year, there is a great need for us all to understand for ourselves what the mind of God is for our time and season so we do not get swayed from the truth.

God has given us scriptural templates within the pages of His Word that clearly gives us a general idea of us what to expect, our role to play and how to respond in the times and seasons that we are living in.

I have carried this burden for more than 10 solid years now but had jettisoned it at some point thinking it was not a necessary message for the church. However, I had never been more wrong. The more the years go by, the more I see everything happening at the speed of light and many grouping in ignorance. There is more and more, the need for us the church to walk in such a level of understanding. I trust that with the help of the Holy Spirit, we will be transformed via the renewing of our minds into sons and daughters like Issachar who will see with clarity the significance of our days and partner with God to see His kingdom come and His will done on earth as long as we remain here. It starts with understanding the times and seasons and this is so so crucial for your career, your business, your ministry, and in fact your entire existence on earth today as a believer.

So by the help of the Holy Spirit, we will be going on a very important series – “Standing upon our Watch” as the Spirit of God leads for the next few Sundays. This is no season to beat about the bush with “hearsay” rumours and unfounded statements of who the antiChrist is and who he is not. The bible tells us that the spirit of the antiChrist is already since the bible days of the early church. We are called as Christians to search out and understand the times and seasons – not to second guess it. Below are a few biblical reasons why we have been commanded to do so:

  1. To realize that the merciful God of prophecy is the One and only true God.
  2. To rest assured that He who told us what is to come already has our backs covered. (John 16:33)
  3. To build our faith for the future that God has revealed to us in His Word, knowing that He already foresaw our present and past accurately. (John 16:4)
  4. To enable us to decipher between “what is truth” versus “useless conspiracy theories” meant to confuse and distract us from the real truth. (Matthew 24)
  5. To enable us to understand significant events on earth and to know what our response should be as God’s children on earth. (Ephesians 5:15 – 17)
  6. To prevent us from falling into temptation and lies of the devil because many will definitely be deceived by the high-level deceptions and ideologies from the pit of hell as the devil’s end draws nearer. The Bible says he will be disguised as an angel of light. (2 Corinthians 11:14, Matthew 26: 40 – 42)
  7. To help us engage fully our mandate on earth to occupy our world for Christ till He comes instead of chickening out in the name of end-time prophecies. End-time prophecies are geared towards keeping us occupied with our assignments with a sense of urgency and power. God uses human partners to birth His will on earth. (Luke 19:13, Matthew 24:46)

Lastly, I strongly believe, that even if we do not know the exact date, sensitive watchmen and women will pick it up in the atmosphere – when that great event of a “catch-up in the air” is just about to happen.

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Don’t forget to spend your new week living on purpose! God bless you.

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