A Transition Season – Get Poised for the New Normal

The year 2020 for the most part has been the most tumultuous for many people around the world. A virus somehow got introduced into our world from only God knows where and disrupted everything on earth. The whole world practically went on a holiday for days and months in some cases.

However, I don’t know about you but this year still turned out for good. In the very midst of the COVID 19 lockdowns, many Christians around the world began experiencing a personal revival in their lives. 2020 turns out to be a transition year of making or marring! Just know the old is giving room for the new. People, destinies, institutions, eras are either being birthed or being marred! That is the summary of what I can make out of this year. It’s a very significant transition gate into a new era on the earth. And we know that whatever happens on earth is in no way coincidence – for there is a God of Prophecy who has clearly shown us – and anyone who dares to search – within His Word, His plans and purposes for humanity. We as children of God cannot afford to live this year in an ordinary way. We’ve got to be sensitive until the end and even beyond.

Nigeria as a nation is in the midst of her own transition period. While the church in Nigeria largely is believing and praying forth a new Nigeria that we see, there is a set of others receiving inspiration from the devil – who are bent on destroying the nation in this same season. We must be sensitive! At some point, I got overrun by emotions and got tempted to curse and talk ill of the nation but the Holy Spirit has put me in check! We all watched with horror how what began as a peaceful but formidable EndSARS protest in Nigeria degenerated into national chaos because the devil sent his agents in to hijack it. However, through this chaos, a new Nigeria shall be born in Jesus’ name.

In case you are not aware, during this year’s independence holiday on the 1st October 2020; there was a resurfacing of the prophecy of Pa Elton over Nigeria many years ago. He had prophesied how Nigeria was going to deteriorate into a nation ridden with corruption, greed, and abject poverty but that a new Nigeria would be born – it would become so great that people would beg to have the Nigerian passport!

Oh, what a dream to behold! Imagine it for a second! Do you know what this would mean? Many including I, believe the spirit of that prophecy is in the atmosphere and it is not too far fetched from what spurred up the youth this same month of October in the name of EndSARS. For the first time we saw unity amongst various tribes, we say transparency in dispensing of funds. We saw the voice of truth prevail over cheap compromise. The devil hence is uncomfortable and wiggling with his last strength in a bid to terminate it. In Jesus’ name, satan is a liar and a defeated foe! So says the Word of God. We shall believe the report of the LORD!

As Believers, What Shall We Do?

Do not be sensual or led by emotions this season
The natural tendency is to react emotionally. I mean with the events at Lekki toll date and the address from our foremost leader, which well-meaning youth with a future wouldn’t get emotional?

However, we must be led by the Spirit. Now is the time to lean in towards God and decipher the wind of the Spirit. Do not support the ignorant ones unleashing mayhem and violence – they are part of the devil’s strategy. Pay no attention to tribal sentiments and evil propaganda – they are part of the devil’s strategy. We must lean in to listen to the voice of the Spirit of God within us. Do not take this season casual.

We shall pray like never before
You better don’t mind those saying we have prayed enough. One of the schemes of the enemy that we must all be aware of is that he throws the biggest fight right in the middle of a transition period. Just when he knows that a season is almost up, he has lost his ground, he would then wiggle and rustle like a defeated snake whose head has been cut off! The funny truth is that if you concede at this point, he would usually gain back his ground – do not be deceived. He is an illegal occupant of the territory he holds. We cannot afford to concede grounds that our Lord Jesus Christ has handed over to us in victory.

Both with regard to the destiny of Nigeria and with regards to your own destiny as an individual (especially many believers who experienced one form of revival, redirection on life’s assignment, calling, or purpose this season), the devil is wiggling in defeat! Stay on and fight! In fact, snake-heads are most restless and full of venom when they have been cut off. We must be sensitive to his schemes.

He would try anything he can to distract you and to disqualify you from the new season you are entering into. So stay focused! In fact, now is the time not to necessarily fight the beheaded snake but to set it on fire. Put finishing touches to your victory. Enforce it at all costs! AMEN! Understand!

Get Poised for the New Normal!

This is my most important point and my real intent of writing this piece. For those of us in Nigeria, by the grace of God, the violence of the season shall be short-lived and shall soon pass in Jesus’ name. Those who have received a new mandate from God this year, as you enforce the peace of God over Nigeria, act on your faith – stay focused on that new mandate, don’t let the happenings around us make you lose hope.

The Crux of the Matter
While many leaders in Africa are busy displaying their irresponsibility in public office, the world is being redefined in a very disruptive way! It is time to redefine your own path to get a share in the new reality that would meet us. Many of our political leaders in Nigeria today who have held the nation since the ‘post-independence era’ till date, would likely not be alive in another twenty years according to the normal timing of life for them. However, in the next twenty years, our world is going to be a whole lot different. I have a burden to prepare believers to have for the new normal! If we must remain a formidable voice for Christ, we must understand the handwriting on the wall globally.

While we are talking about ‘trader-money’, ‘Farmer – money’, ‘market – money’, ‘covid-19 palliatives’ – now these are good initiatives – the world however is debating the new citizenry of AI robots and how they would live with humans and pay taxes based on the companies they work for. The world is talking about ‘Internet of Things‘ which will definitely connect smart electronics and computers together, helping them communicate more efficiently without human intervention. There is a near-future where humans would be interconnected with the computer world of robots and Artificial Intelligence. In the next era after this, there would be the possibility of hacking into human brains and stealing knowledge as odd as that may sound.

The church cannot afford to take the backstage in a world of Virtual Reality for instance. That already has its greatest investment coming from the porn industry. We need to take the church virtual too (COVID-19 showed us the importance). If we leave the mountain of Media to the world, they would take out the gospel from it. The same applies to the mountain of Economy, Education, Family systems, Leadership, Politics, Government, Entertainment, and even Religion.

This year 2020 is a year the world is vehemently being redefined for a new decade of drastic disruption than we have ever seen. So if you have received a new mandate this year from the LORD, brace up for it!

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I leave you wise-watchers community with these few tips from my Pastor (@Chris Ugo) today.
What to do in Crises Times:
1. Cry to God for help
2. Put your trust in God
3. Accept and receive God’s Word
4. Overcome fear with faith – remembering that faith comes from God’s Word.
5. Deal with your attitude.
6. Be sensitive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit – He knows the way.
7. Sing praises to God.

Nonso Aniamaka,
Web Author, WiseWatchers.org

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