In our last episode on “Mind Series”, we looked at “The Boat Sail Principle”. We said that in life, we are like individual boats headed for our respective dream lands which God has shown us in life. And en route our destination, life will definitely throw the wind at us, the rains and the storm, the waves. You have no control over the winds, the storm and the rain. Our minds are however like a boat sail. When we master the art of controlling the boat sail, we can harness the winds to our advantage to get us to our destination. In life, you must focus on the one thing you have control over to steer your life purposefully in your desired destination.

Today, still in Part 2 of the Mind Series, we shall be looking at “The Replacement Therapy”. Having established the fact that our minds have tremendous control over our lives, we are now taking a dive into practical ways to put this great resource to use.

The Replacement Therapy is taught all through scriptures. Albert Einstein said, “The problems or challenge we encounter cannot be solved at the same level we were at when we created or discovered them”. Discovering a problem or challenge in your life is one step in the right direction as Socrates declared that the door step to the temple of wisdom is knowledge of our own ignorance. But having discovered our challenge, we can never solve them if we remain at the same level of wisdom, knowledge or understanding that we were at when we created or discovered the challenge. It takes a higher level of wisdom to solve it. If you had such wisdom, you wouldn’t be in that problem in the first place. So you must make conscious steps to expose your mind to new information and higher wisdom that will make you take steps to lift your life beyond your present predicament.

How does this concern our topic of the day? You are today, a sum total of all the uses to which you have put your mind. The quality of your life can never go beyond the quality of your mind. If you are living a lower quality of life than you wish, it is because that is the level of mind quality you have got so far. Before Abraham could become a Father of many nations, God had to work on his mind and paint the picture of how much his seed. Before God could bring Israel into their promised land, He spent years painting to them a picture of a land flowing with milk and honey, because they had aforetime been used to slavery and poverty. God said He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly and above all we could ever ask or imagine. This means He uses our asking and imaginations as a baseline for what He will exceedingly do for us. He said we do not receive because we ask not. But how can you even ask what you have not yet imagined? It will be a faithless prayer. So we should surround our minds with the things that spur up the imaginations we want for our lives. If you are not satisfied with the state of your life today, it means there is need for you to replace the quality of things that are presently occupying your mind. I call this The Replacement Therapy.

The Replacement Therapy is what the bible teaches in Romans 12:2 –

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

Rom 12:2


Your transformation will only start with the renewing of your mind. And it says you need to do this so you can prove that good, acceptable and perfect will of God.

This means you will never prove God’s will for your life until you get your mind renewed. Mind renewal is what translates to life transformation. You can never prove your dreams and callings or your destiny until your mind first gets renewed to those realms.

I need to speak a little to the teenagers out there and the youth out there reading this. You cannot be addicted for pornography for instance and expect to live a qualitative life. Never! Pornography is one primary destructive tool at work today in the lives of many young and otherwise productive minds. I have seen it reduce geniuses to the level of fools. It degrades intelligence. It is in fact an abuse of the real intent of the mind. It is a strong foundation for breeding a fundamental sense of indiscipline of the mind. It gradually transforms you and makes you choose convenience over necessity in all your daily decisions and ultimately, your life’s decisions. And this is in direct contrast with the habits of successful men. Pornography is a topic for another day. But if you must reach that glorious destination, you must replace the contents of your mind.

To create the future you desire, you must be deliberate. And this is the first thing you must be deliberate about.

Habits are not easy to stop. If you realize you have for so long misused your powerful mind, chances are you may not find it easy changing its use now. That is why you have to do a replacement. Replace the things you watch. Replace the atmosphere you create around you as much as possible. It may not be easy but you must realize that habits were created by constant practice. As you expose your mind to a new way environment, to new information, to new ideas, you will gradually begin to tend towards such habits. You only need discipline at the beginning stage of habits formation. When the habit is eventually formed, it is a part of you, less discipline would be needed. Imagine how glorious it would be to have the same force that has kept your life down for years, now keeping you up above soaring with ease. Yes that is how powerful the mind can be, meanwhile you have been using it the other way round to your hurt.

It just takes decision! Life doesn’t change with time, life changes with decision. Decide today to begin that replacement. Remember, what you discipline yourself to do for only three weeks (twenty one days) becomes a habit. Imagine, you were placed in a house where you would be monitored for three weeks, and you are offered a reward to inherit Bill Gates fortune if only you took onto this new habit for three weeks; would you or would you not jump at the offer? I bet you would. Now, I bet you more than Bill Gates fortune is available to you if only you can be deliberate with your mind for three weeks. The new heights these new habits will place you at will be worth the challenge. Here is the challenge: And if you fail at any point, just know that you’ve got some fraction of the habits already imbibed. Moreover, you have an unlimited number of trials so you could begin again. And here is the challenge for the next three weeks:

Phil 4:8

Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy — meditate on these things.

Start this way, do a list of the things in your life that meet this criteria. Or anything you know you should do that meets the criteria. Write them down and paste them in your bedroom. Plan them into your daily schedule for the next three weeks. Then begin the challenge. Whenever a thought comes, which does not meet this criteria, replace it with something else as soon as you notice it. Don’t give five minutes of your time. Change the atmosphere, do the things in your list. If that seems difficult, do something neutral that you love. Play a song to change your mood. Go out. Play a game etc.

The secret is do not dwell on any thought that doesn’t meet this criteria. Remember it’s just three weeks to inherit a great fortune. If you succeed, in three weeks time, you should have overcome those habits with new ones. Work on strengthening the very habits in your list and watch yourself transform.

Above all, some habits that must make your list are these:

  1. Expose your mind to messages and study/meditation on God’s Word every morning and at least a glance before you sleep.
  2. Engage your heart to talk to God about what you study each morning
  3. Motivate your mind after you’ve fed your spirit with the word. Get that book that gets you thinking straight and read at least a chapter each day.

God who sees the intent of your heart will be there to help you.

There is however a greater personality who can empower our minds to attain heights above the natural mind. He is the Holy Spirit of Jesus. Just incase you do not have a personal relationship with Him, I implore you this day to invite Him into your heart. Just click here and say the prayers that follow. Follow this link to receive Him.

God bless you. Remember to spend your new week, Living on Purpose!

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