Hello dear one. It’s a great privilege to bring you lessons once again, from my article series on – “Your Mind Is Your World”. Last time we saw the controlling power of the mind and how it determines the outcome of our lives. A mentally derailed person by virtue of his mind’s state lives in a world that is in total contrast to the real world he is subjected to. When our minds get overrun by whatever, it translates us into a new world of existence which to the greatest degree will necessarily determine our views about life and our outcomes in life. It for this reason, the Holy Bible warns us that of all things,

we must of expedience, protect the state of our minds. And the most primary way is through what I called “Indirect Mind Control” – We choose to feed our minds with what we eventually wish to control our minds with. (Please refer to this link for Part 1 of this series. https://www.wisewatchers.org/index.php/revelation-center/articles/126-mind-series-part-1)

In this Part 2, we shall be dealing with “Mind Controllers”. Just to give you a quick background, in the world of Automation which is a branch of Engineering, we have these wonderful devices called PLCs – “Programmable Logic Controllers”. They receive signals from their environment, compare these signals against some in-built predetermined set-point or program within and then decide automatically on what response to take and at the same time execute those responses to change their environment.

These are man-made devices but they work just like the mind. Our minds get “pre-programmed” with certain “set points” that determine our different responses to our environment. As it was pointed out in our last article, it is this programming that makes one man complain all day for instance about unemployment rates while another man responds to the same situation making money by running job search sites. Quite funny!

Now, these PLCs used in the illustration above, need that predetermined program (set point) to operate effectively. However “Artificial Intelligence” is pushing the limits of Programming as far as it can get, getting machines to reason like the natural intelligent human minds. These machines are not programmed with specific set-points but they are programmed to learn how to behave based on their own experience with their environment! That’s the way our mind gets programmed. It’s the way children build their value systems and human intelligence from birth. Our minds get lot of its programming from its daily exposure to our environment. And these environmental factors to which we subject our minds become our “Mind Controllers”!

Habits get created this way. Most often than not, we cannot develop affinity for things we never allowed previously into our minds. When you see a sexually active teenager, an alcoholic, or a smoker; on first exposure, they never enjoyed the experience. It wasn’t inbuilt. Affinity for such experiences and habits got built by experience. In fact, the interest to even try it for the first time, was not self-created! It came from continuous mind exposures either by hearing, seeing, feeling, touching, tasting, reading, or observations within the wrong association.

With all Diligence :       The bible warns us of the power of the mind. For out of it flows the “issues of our lives”. Scripture says “guide it with all diligence” (Proverbs 4:23). So it is not a question of convenience – what we feel like watching, hearing, tasting – what we feel like subjecting our minds to. No! We must employ diligence in guarding our minds. The five senses are the major gates of the mind. The bible says we must decide what we allow via our senses with all diligence. Not some bit of diligence but with all the diligence there is in us. Wow! I am getting it this clear for the first time. So any man who leaves his mind to anything – taking a peep or two at will, or just eaves drop on worthless talk and so on, is a candidtate of a great life. And the Bible knew so the Word says, “with all diligence”. In fact all there is to exist and live for can be influenced by our minds. It’s that powerful! Our minds usually will stir us in its own desired direction. Hence the skill of controlling the mind is one that must not be toiled with.

Let us look at some of some Factors which pose as “Mind Controllers” to affect our outcomes in life and how we can us them to our advantage. (edited to here today)



1. The Spirit Realm:

This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh.
Gal 5:16 KJV

The greatest influence our minds can ever have will come from the realms of the spirit. Christians have one great advantage that sets us apart from all other human beings on earth. It is a relationship with God Himself in the person of The Holy Spirit. This makes all the difference in this world. Fellowship with the Holy Spirit has tremendous effects on the state of our minds. It reprograms our minds to live in synchronization with God and His will for our lives. It also translates us to command results that only God can command. In the beginning God created man to live this way as the god and lord of the earth. And Jesus has restored it back to the church. Simply put, when we let the Spirit of God overrun our minds, we are tremendously empowered to with all that pertains to life and “godliness” (or permit me to say “godshipness” –that is the ability to be and to live indeed as gods of the earth. That’s it!)

A. The Word Of God (Proverbs 4:20-23)

20 My son, attend to my words; incline thine ear unto my sayings. 21 Let them not depart from thine eyes; keep them in the midst of thine heart. 22 For they are life unto those that find them, and health to all their flesh. 23 Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.

Prov 4:20-22 KJV

The first prerequisite to being able to keep our minds with all diligence is inclining our ears to God’s Words as clearly seen above. For without Him (Christ – the Word) you can do nothing (John 15:5)! Aha! This is the trick, it takes a Word-of-God inclined ear to be able to apply enough discipline to keep the mind uncorrupted with viruses amidst the lust-driven music we see each day on TV, amidst the nude adverts that pop up when you want to read your mails on the net, amidst the ill-vices of social media, sex-chatting and the likes. You’d be shocked how much the devil has caught many young and bright minds in these deadly unproductive death infested traps and bondage. If you are there, whom the Son set free is free indeed! Come out in the name of Jesus and don’t let satan feed you with lies. Sin has no dominion over you when you abide in Christ – the Word.

Listening to and meditating on God’s word is one of the greatest ways to engage the Person of The Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God rides on the Words of scripture, revealing God to us and what’s more revealing ourselves to us than we could ever know. Jesus Christ as a young lad, discovered Himself afresh from scriptures this way. We can practically transform our God-given intelligent minds and hence our lives by daily exposures to the Word of God, just like it happens with artificial intelligence. Soon our minds get its set-point in line with scriptures transforming our natural selves into spiritual beings that command supernatural results automatically in all the affairs of our lives.  Bible says for God’s Word is life to those that find it and health to their flesh.

In the same environment where others are experiencing a downturn, our Worded and reformed minds, when put to use, begin to produce results that affect our world eventually in the direction of the supernatural. When others are experiencing a casting down, we are experiencing a lifting up. Why? There is a different program running on the inside. Joy becomes natural, love becomes natural, solutions to problems become natural, in fact all that pertains to life and Godliness lies inside that program.

How to walk this way is simple.

First, we must feed our minds as often as possible with God’s words. Engage the written Word of God, engage anointed books, engage audio and video clips, engage them on your phones, I-pads, in your car when driving; when bathing, when using the convenience. Keep them playing, you are transforming your mind. Soon your intelligent mind, gets programmed into the realms of God! It’s that simple to start with! Yes so simple that the devil will do everything within his deceitful power to stop you! He’d bring distractions, then at times discouragement and a non-appetite for the Word. But you know what I found? Whenever you just get started, just dare to launch in that realm you’ll see how easy it is flow.

According to Romans 12:1, if you won’t let God’s Word transform you, you will definitely be programmed into the fear-based laws that govern our existence on earth. You’d fret about ebola, you’d worry about Zika virus, you’d be hard hit by inflation, you’d almost run mad looking for scarce petrol to run your generator at an expensive price, you’d marvel with fear at the level of insecurity and kidnappings around you. All there is to make any natural man fret out is out there all around you. Only men programmed by constant exposure to God’s Words can execute changes to their environment after their taste. The only way to not find yourself conformed to the “world of fear” and “struggle” is to surround your intelligent mind with the world of Faith which is driven by God’s Words (Rom 10:17) Hallelujah!

Fear always brings bondage. Many people suffer all sorts of bondages – starting from terrible killing habits – psychological, health, sexuality etc, to external factors choking them up, even health issues. Why would you carry all these devil laden burden, when you can be free? All of these can be rooted out by a constant exposure to the environment of the Holy Spirit domiciled in God’s Word. How do you get in? Grab it today. Plan to wake up every day at a given time and integrate God’s words and discussion with God as the very first item of your day. “He wakeneth my ear morning by morning to hear (Isaiah 50:2).

B. Prayer Communication – Prayer is simply a two way communication with God. In prayers, we exercise our rights as God’s sons and daughters (royalty) which includes intimate fellowship with God, Supply to our daily needs, a downloading of His program and instructions for us on earth.

One aspect of prayer is hearing God speak back to you. It goes hand in hand with the study of His words and meditation. It takes faith to hear God. “For whoever must approach Him must believe that He exist first and He is a rapt rewarder of those that seek to know Him” (Hebrews 11:6). When you believe you are speaking with your real Father who really exists with you in your bed room, you’d expect to hear Him talk back. That is the beginning of hearing God. You’d ask Him questions with your pen and paper ready to hear His reply and His guidance. That is how God leads.

For without faith, it is impossible to please God, let alone hear Him. Chances are you may not hear His audible voice for a start but you can be sure, if you really engage faith, you will get answers, sometimes transmitted somehow into your spiritually intelligent mind or via scriptures you’d encounter in study. I mean specific answers to real life issues. A lot of times, He gives assurance. You just know! Hallelujah!



C. Being Led – When we experience the above, it then graduates into a constant flow in the direction of the Holy Spirit even without necessarily asking each time. We will always have to communicate but there is this deeper communication the Holy Spirit gives without words. It is guidance into all truth. When we follow this guidance it is called being led. Imagine being led by an automatic program taking you through every solution to life’s daily challenges. It’s so remarkable! It takes worries, stress and unnecessary concerns off our daily lives. I like the remarkable story in Matthew 17:27 where Jesus had to pay some tax.

Even when the cash was not physically with Him, He lived such a stress-free life that He knew just at what time what fish would bring a coin His way, and He knew enough to send Peter at just the right time ahead to catch that very fish. Such precision can never leave you stranded in life. Yes we can be that guided much more than a guided missile! Hallelujah!

That is the number one ministry of the Holy Spirit. With the Holy Spirit, we can never make mistakes, we can never be stranded, we can never loose in life’s battles, His number one ministry is to teach us all things, remind us and guide us. He guides us into all truths even when our minds are too myopic to accommodate what He wants to teach.

There is coming up, a new wave of manifestations of this “Spirit of Knowledge” among Sons and daughters of God around the globe. It’s supernatural knowledge coming in such a great dimension that would challenge conventional methods of doing things.

It will profer solutions to global challenges facing our world today. Some would be on global scales after the order of Joseph and Daniel, some would be for solutions in our communities, states, organizations, but watch out; it will come for it is a characteristic of the end time church. Scripture says for out of Zion shall go forth the law – the “how to do it” will come from believers. We must be properly positioned. I can bet to say, only Word programmed minds, who communicate with God and can be led by The Spirit of God will have access. “For as many as are led by The Spirit of God, they are the sons of God and these sons are ordained to manifest on earth in these last days! No one can deny light that shines in darkness. Sincerely, we live in times of such confusion in our world. Only a set of people around the world can have a sort of peace that will beat men’s understanding. They are Men of the Spirit! Men who choose to be led.

I bring you the greatest “Mind Controller” ever. He is the Holy Spirit! He’d flow from the spirit man, program your mind and then quicken your mortal body to start doing supernatural feats. I love Him dearly and want you to receive Him. You can write a mail to nonsoaniamaka@wisewatchers.org for more help on how to meet receive Him. It takes knowledge! For He is a free gift to the church.

We will stop here for now, and in part 3 look into other “Mind Controllers” that have the power to decide our state and eventual outcome.

If you are not born again or you once were but have lost this intimate fellowship with the greatest person to ever meet, I’d love you to say the prayer below. If you already are born again, I encourage you this day to engage the Holy Spirit in your daily life. Create time for Him, give Him the priority He deserves, do away with anything that costs you His presence and see Him transform your mind to realms beyond your wildest dreams. For He does exceedingly above all we can think or imagine. (Ephesians 3:20) Your imagination is key! I love you.

Till next time, never forget on a daily basis to not just exist but keep living on purpose!

PS: Do you want a relationship with God our Father who created you? You’d need to be born afresh. To be born again. If you really want this say this prayer after me

“Lord Jesus, I surrender my life to you today. I confess that I have sinned and fallen short of your standards. I agree that of my own I can do nothing. For this reason, Christ Jesus died for me. That my sins through His blood might be forgiven and I be reconciled back to you. I come under this blood and ask that you forgive me. According to Your word in 1 John 1:9; I receive my forgiveness and my cleansing from all unrighteousness. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit. By faith I drop my old life and pick up a new life in Christ. A life of hope, a life of peace, a life of meaning and worth; and a life that leads to an eternity with you. Thank you Father for accepting me back as Your son/daughter, in Jesus Christ’s name, I pray; Amen.

If you made that prayer, please email me at nonsoaniamaka@wisewatchers.org. I would love to personally reach you and be of help in your spiritual growth. Ensure you locate a bible believing church around you to start attending. Congratulations on your new status. Mark this date, you are born again. God bless you.

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