Lo, I come (in the volume of the book it is written of me) to do Thy will, O God – Hebrews 10:7
Good day readers! It’s been a long time off which has witnessed some global events of concern to many. A lot has happened that makes one with a mind wonder again, “what has gone wrong with our world?”. Terror, bad news, apprehension, tension seems to have become the order of the day both in global and foreign news. I recall that this trend got really intensified in the last decade and has since continued. Last month alone, there has been the French terror

attacks with world leaders pledging their allegiance to fight terrorism fiercely and then the hostage takings and shootings that took place in Mali. There is brewing tension now in Syria with world powers taking sides on what could be termed a “mini-cold war”.
Our fragile planetary-ball (called planet Earth) sits faithfully in her orbit serving us with sustainable life as God designed, her most brilliant species and occupants – whom God originally intended to nourish and tend her, tear her apart and threaten her very existence.

Our world on all fronts is faced with several threats. These are not threats from some alien species invading the earth from somewhere out’a space. No, these are all threats of man’s own self-disintegration. Seems like our world systems are failing and people need more answers. Yet as Dr. Myles Munroe rightly pointed out, “we all look to one government or the other to solve our problems. That is because indeed man lost a government – a Kingdom.”

In Nigeria, we also see a presumed economic downturn and many begin to wonder what our fate is? Well, thank God there is still a source of “Good news” on earth. I am convinced that a lot of the challenges facing this present world is only a pointer to the fact that man cannot all by himself solve his problems. No amount of religion, self determination, civilization, human rights can turn planet earth into the desired “Uthopia” that humanity seeks. It’s more like the futility of trying to build the tower of Babel.

The significant problems we face were not imposed by some alien specie from out’a space. We created most of it for ourselves and by ourselves. And as Einstein put it:

“The significant problems we face, cannot be solved at the same level we were at when we created them”. – Albert Einstein
Humanity needs some outside help. And who will bring that help?

Let me shock you – It is the church in these last days! Yes, it is the time of the church – “the light of the world” – to bring in God’s kingdom influence into our world to give light in darkness. There is no better time Jesus’ prayer would have been most relevant than now,

“…Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, here on earth just as it is in Heaven…”.
This continues to be our focus here at “WiseWatchers Online Community”.

Today, we continue in a most crucial series, UNDERSTANDING THE TIMES (PART 4) – THE SECRET TO PURPOSE DISCOVERY IN GOD’S KINGDOM AGENDA. From the Part 1 through Part 3 of this series, we looked as what “Understanding The Times” is about, we saw how that it always pleased God to reveal His plans on earth to His beloved children,we saw how that Jesus Himself validated this habit and instructed the church especially in our days, to live by an attitude of Understanding Our Time and Season. We have begun looking at reasons why God made this mandatory call to the church – It qualifies us for God’s use in His global agenda on earth and today we are looking at how it engenders our Discovery of Purpose as it relates to God’s Kingdom-agenda for Humanity.

The Bible is a book of answers, a complete book that contains the past, the present and the future. Now, all through scriptures, we have seen men discover their role in God’s agenda by their understanding of God’s move during their time on earth.

1. Moses killed an Egyptian oppressor because he already grasped that it was in God’s agenda to deliver Israel from long term slavery in a foreign land. He realized he would be that vessel and he gave it a try. Eventually, of a truth he was the vessel and God used him.

2. Nehemiah knew it was high time the nation called Israel was reborn. He started hungering for this great day and began to make moves having prayed. Eventually, God used him to accomplish this historic agenda.

3. John the Baptist caught an understanding of God’s agenda to bring forth the long awaited Messiah in his time and this enabled him discover his role in that prophecy as the man Isaiah said would prepare the way for this. John described himself so well as the one of whom the Prophet Isaiah spoke when he declared, “I am the voice of him crying in the wilderness, prepare ye the way of the Lord, make straight His path.”

4. Our Lord Jesus Christ, the bible says he learnt his role afresh as a kid by studies at the synagogue, asking questions. Bible said he “learnt” obedience through the things he suffered.” Because as flesh that He became, He had to have a human brain. Jesus Christ who became flesh had to relearn God’s agenda for the time He was on earth and through studies and His sensitive yielding to the leading and tutorship of Holy Spirit within Him, He discovered, He was that Messiah and He fulfilled every single bit of His mission – all the prophecies gone ahead of Him.

Jesus declared, in Hebrews 10:7

“Lo, I come (in the volume of the book it is written of me) to do Thy will, O God.”
The bible says we are surrounded by many crowds of witnesses men who discovered their role in prophecy and fulfilled it. And I want to ask you today, in that volume of the Book – the scripture – what is written of you?

It will shock you to know, like Isaiah, Joseph, Moses, Nehemiah, John the baptist, Paul, Jesus Christ himself; for every one of God’s children; there we’ve got a slot written about us in the volume of the Book.
Dear reader, what is God’s dealing with our world at this time? Where are we in prophecy? And what is your role in it? In the volume of the book, do all these answers lie it is herein, we can truly discover the role God intended us to play in His kingdom-agenda on earth. It’s the very essence why He gave us breath to live in no other period on earth but now. I have come to announce to you that no matter your career line, business line, marital line, whether you are in politics, or you pursuing any other achievements in life, we will be judged only by the race we ran on the individual track God gave us else our whole race on earth shall meet disqualification at the finish line. You can’t be created by God and create your own in a race!

The bible is complete, the past, the present and the future literally lies in there, and there is a part of it that relates to our time and season. In that time and season there are things that must happen, and there are vessels that will play specific roles in these various moves of God. And in that move, your life was accurately described and written down within the pages of scriptures. Alas! it takes understanding to come to the glorious fulfillment of these sayings – our glorious destinies.

Funny enough, accepting this truth or not can’t make us run away.

Men have unknowingly in the time past fulfilled negative prophecies. Ask the Pharaoh of Moses’ day, ask Judas Iscariot, the Lord’s own very disciple, ask Emperor Titus of Rome, the one who shut out Israel from their home land for one full millennium. And in our world today, I see men in high and low places, unknowingly fulfill the pages of scriptures. Men who don’t even recognize God in their daily lives.

Scripture says, in a house there are vessels of Gold and of Silver. Some unto honour and some to dishonour; and we have a choice to choose which we become. Many are called but few get chosen. The few that get chosen are the ones that discover and respond to the call.

Discovering your divine assignment doesn’t make you chicken out of the scene but positions you to meet God’s target for your life via whatever platform He gives you – career, business, politics, entertainment, whatever! And I want you to reflect, What is your role this day? To God, your life is beyond a good job and a house and holiday trips abroad, and even beyond a good relationship with God. Yes! that relationship is to birth something on earth. If all he wanted was relationship, He would take us home the moment we got born again. But no, He left us for a purpose. He has more in store for you but only on the wings of revelation can we discover the divine link between our passion, our education, our market place, our christian lives, our visions and God’s assignment for our lives in His global calendar.

President Ricahrd Nixon as infamous as he was for the Waltergate scandal took one bold step I believe was his major assignment in God’s calendar. He moved the miltary forces of the United States of America to defend the Jews – God’s people – at a time they would have been annihilated. President Nixon said, when that crucial time came in his political career to make that decision, he remembered his mother reading to him (as a little kid) stories from the bible of how God delivered the Jews and how she said to him, “one day, God will count on you to do same for this same people, when that day comes, make sure to make the right call!”

How profound!

Understanding the Times, births us our role in Prophecies. It adds flavour to our life on earth, giving us a sense of meaning, a sense of purpose and a resolve to live a life of impact. In the course of our teachings, we shall delve into practical interpretations of what scriptures say about the times we are in and how to discover our role, our purpose in the light of this and influence our world for Christ. The days of darkness are the days of Glory for the end time church. For light shines brightest in darkness and darkness “comprehendeth it not” according to scriptures.

We will continue in our series of delving into the essence of our times here in earth. Till the next issue, renew your touch with God and engage life at its best doing what God has birthed you for. That’s what we call, “Living On Purpose”. God bless you.

See you next week. I love you.

Nonso Aniamaka,

Web Author at WiseWatchers Online Community.


If you are reading this however, and wondering how worthless life has turned out for you; perhaps you feel empty, you have made mistakes and you wonder if God ever has a good place for you in His agenda, the good news is yes He does. Irrespective of how worthless you may feel. He loves all and placed a call to all. Why not respond to it and be grafted into the chosen fold. It’s an invitation to be born anew and have all old records wiped away forever. You might want to say the following prayer with me from your heart;

“Lord Jesus, I surrender my life to you today. I confess that I have sinned and fallen short of your standards. I agree that of my own I can do nothing. For this reason, Christ Jesus died for me. That my sins through His blood might be forgiven and I be reconciled back to you. I come under this blood and ask that you forgive me. According to Your word in 1 John 1:9; I receive my forgiveness and my cleansing from all unrighteousness. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit. By faith I drop my old life and pick up a new life in Christ. A life of hope, a life of peace, a life of meaning and worth; and a life that leads to an eternity with you. Thank you Father for accepting me back as Your son/daughter, in Jesus Christ’s name, I pray; Amen.

If you made that prayer, please email me at nonsoaniamaka@wisewatchers.org. I would love to personally reach you and be of help in your spiritual growth. Ensure you locate a bible believing church around you to start attending. Congratulations on your new status. Mark this date, you are born again. God bless you.

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